Here you can find all the Washi Tape collections I have designed for The Washi Tape Shop as a part of their Artist Collaboration program. If you want to maximize the benefit I get from the sales, you can access the tapes through my affiliate links (used on this page) or use my 10% discount code 'JOURNALAWAY' at the checkout. :)


Academia is the newest 5-piece collection that is inspired by the dark corners of old libraries, love letters, and the smell of aged books. I wanted this collection to be a perfect addition to any vintages lovers washi tape collection!


'Harmony'-collection is inspired by the classical themes of peace and harmony. A portion of every Harmony Washi Tape Set sale will go towards organizations that are helping to address peace, social, and healthcare-related issues.



Spring Memories is my first 5-piece Washi Tape collection that is inspired by the essence of spring and the idea of laying down on a flower field with your journal.